Aims and Scope

Clinical Case Reports Journal (ISSN 2767-0007) is international, open access, peer-reviewed, online journal introduced to explore new approaches in clinical research. Our journal promises to the entire scientific society on publishing updated knowledge of epidemiological research outcomes, recent advancements in pharmacological technology and latest up to date news on clinical investigations of mechanisms of diseases. We serve as a medium for communication, exchanging of knowledge, and sharing the updated research experience between clinical investigators, legislators, funding agencies, and colleagues of other medical disciplines.

The journal strictly employs a rapid double-blind peer-review system which is monitored by in house editorial team which is relevant to the field of a submitted article. Due to our open-access model of publishing the content is available as soon as it is published to public at free of cost to read, download and use the information by properly citing the original research work as per the guidelines provided by COPE.

The primary aim of the Clinical Case Reports Journal (ISSN 2767-0007) is to furnish the research benefits of clinical trials to patients by assembling experts of different disciplines related to clinical research. The journal publishes various types of articles which comes under the scope of the clinical research studies and trials, like clinical case reports, clinical videos, clinical audios, systemic reviews, short communications, clinical opinions, surgical videos, study protocols outcomes, etc.

The journal covers a broad range of medical disciplines such as.

  • Allergy & Immunology Case reports
  • Anesthesiology Case reports
  • Cardiovascular Case reports
  • Dentistry and Oral Medicine Case reports
  • Dermatology Case reports
  • Diabetology Case reports
  • Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Case reports
  • Endocrinology and Diabetes Case reports
  • ENT Case reports
  • Family Medicine Case reports
  • Forensic and Legal Medicine Case reports
  • Gastroenterology Case reports
  • General practice Case reports
  • Geriatric Medicine Case reports
  • Hematology Case reports
  • Infectious Disease Case reports
  • Internal Medicine Case reports
  • Neonatology Case reports
  • Nephrology Case reports
  • Neurological Surgery Case reports
  • Neurology Case reports
  • New Surgery Techniques Case reports
  • Nuclear Medicine Case reports
  • Nursing practice Case Reports
  • Nutrition and Dietetics Case reports
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Case reports
  • Oncology Case reports
  • Ophthalmology Case reports
  • Orthopedics & Rheumatology Case reports
  • Otolaryngology Case reports
  • Pain Management Case reports
  • Palliative Care Case reports
  • Pathology- Anatomic & Clinical Case reports
  • Pediatrics Case reports
  • Pharmacology and Therapeutics Case reports
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Case reports
  • Physiotherapy Case reports
  • Plastic surgery Case reports
  • Preventive Medicine Case reports
  • Psychiatry Case reports
  • Public Health Case reports
  • Pulmonary Disease Case reports
  • Radiation Oncology Case reports
  • Radiology Case reports
  • Respiratory Medicine Case reports
  • Sexual Health Case reports
  • Sleep Disorders & Sleep Studies Case reports
  • Urology Case reports
  • Women's Health Case reports

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